Steps To Process Work Order

Site And Growth provides quality processing by maintaining the highest standard on Property Preservation work order processing, training, consulting and data entry needs.

Site And Growth processes all types of work orders including MCS, LPS, Safegaurd, Corelogic, M&M, Aitisource etc. We have experienced processors to process all types of work orders.

Work Order Processing Steps:

  • Receive orders in property preservation wizard, pruvan etc and download photos and check all the photos.
  • Read job note & amp; check document attached if given in ppw and follow client guidelines.
  • Then create bids following per client’s guideline.
  • Calculate bid amount we use Cost Estimator/Repair Base, based on photos and bids provided by contractors.
  • Once all information has been entered in the client system including property information, bids, photos followed by creating invoice for the client and bill to vendors.
  • We perform different types of work orders like initial Secure, Final Secure, Eviction, DIL, Lending Condition, Additional Bids, Sales Clean, Initial REO, Securing, and Cash for Key, Grass Cut etc.
  • We create and update daily reports for our clients.