Property Preservation And Inspections Processing

Managing vacant properties is a very meticulous activity, considering the financial implication to the investor, the property Preservation clients and vendors.

Given the challenges of ever changing rules and regulations, software updates and changes, chargebacks, and the need to manage a large vendor base effectively while maintaining good quality work.

Property Preservation is no doubt one of the most challenging tasks in the default space.

Site and Growth is a well trained Property Preservation team, helps you to manage even the most complex tasks with utmost ease – All this while reducing your costs by more than 50%.

Our specialized environmental engineer could offer consulting on special properties that is causing environmental hazards. 

Some of the services that we offer in the Property Preservation and Inspection space include,

Property preservation and inspection processing- Site and Growth
Inspection QC and Processing

Inspection QC And Processing

We provide Property Inspection QC & Processing services at a very cost effective price, quick turnaround & 100% quality assurance.


We QC all types of work orders Occupied, Access, Vacant, FTV, Exteriors, Interior, Disasters, Loss Drafts, etc.

Being skilled in processing all types of Inspection orders we ensure all queues are cleared up on daily basis.

Being skilled with all Leading software & Client tools such as Inspectorade, EZ Inspections and Manually on all client websites makes processing inspections orders really easy.


We QC the following Inspection work order types:


  • Interior/ Exterior Inspections
  • Vacant/ Occupied Properties
  • Bi-Weekly (BWI) Inspections
  • FTV Inspections
  • Access Denied Properties
  • No Contact/ Occupancy Verification Inspections
  • Access Denied Properties,
  • Contact/ Occupancy Verification Inspections
  • REO Check Inspections, Insurance Loss Inspections
  • Monthly Quality Control Inspections

Real Estate And Virtual Assistance

We provide Real estate virtual assistant for all your preservation needs.


We have been offering experts virtual assistant which includes:


  • Finding vendors/ Vendor recruitment
  • Vendor routing
  • Vacant property registration
  • Property listing.
Real Estate and Virtual Assistant
Vacant Property Ordinance Research and Registration

Vacant Property Ordinance Research and Registration

We identify the vacant properties post initial occupancy inspection / Pre Foreclosure Inspection. We do have a robust database for Vacant property ordnance for various counties.


We check if the property falls under the jurisdiction where vacant property registration norms apply.


Completing the relevant documentation for VPR
Registration with the city for VPR with payment of relevant fee.